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Hi there. My name is Andrea. Welcome to our Blog. Hollie and I have been blogging for well over 12 years now with Easy Mind Easy Life. We started off putting together short quotes to post up on FaceBook as well.
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We Built You A Beautiful YouTube Channel

Hollie has made well over 400 videos since 2016. Our YouTube Channel: Easy Mind Easy Life was created to help inspire others to live their best lives.

Each video addresses different issues that many of us struggle with every day. If you are a visual person and like to listen, rather than read, then our YouTube Channel is for you.

I am the one behind the scenes doing all the editing. Adding the music and creating thumbnails for YouTube. Making sure the videos look and sound great for you.

Since 2008

We have put together many different tools for you to find exactly what you need to let go of all the lies you have been telling yourself your entire life.

The books:

Your Past is a Gift 

Covered in Yucky Mucky Mud

These have both been written by Hollie Belle to help you release your fears and step into who you truly are. 

Again, I am the one who did all the editing and found the right place to get it published for Hollie. We work best as a team!


your past is a gift
Covered in Yucky Mucky Mud
easy mind easy life

Visit our beautiful Gallery for daily inspiration. 

Hollie and I spend time every day putting together beautiful inspirational quotes to help you stay focused on what truly matters in life.

Stay connected to our FaceBook and Twitter pages to see these quotes as soon as they are released.

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Our Team

Hollie Belle

Hollie Belle

Creative Director

Hollie Belle

Andrea Closier

Managing Director

There are only two people behind the wonderful work created at Easy Mind Easy Life. Hollie Belle is Our Creative Director. Andrea Closier is the Managing Director. We are more than just a team. Hollie and I are family. No, we mean literally. We are cousins!

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