Wake Up! It is time for you to awaken your heart

I need to wake up! I need to be alert. It is time to awaken the heart. As time goes by and I yearn to learn the truth, (something I have been searching for my entire life), it appears clear to me that what I am looking for is not OUT THERE.  

The more I attain, the more restless I become. Do you know what I mean? It seems that no matter what I own or possess, these don’t give me the joy or satisfaction that I NEED. It has taken me 40 years to understand that what my heart requires is not in my outer world. Not in the world I see with my eyes. But in a world that cannot be seen with these eyes. A world that can only be felt with the heart. 

And so my quest continues. Slowly but surely, eliminating what doesn’t work and focusing more and more on what does give me peace. The more I sit quietly and just listen to the sounds of the world, the more it speaks to me. I notice things that weren’t there before.

Our worldly possessions only give us joy for a few moments, maybe a few months tops. And yet we place so much of our focus on these things. Stuff that we can’t take with us when our journey ends. So what do we take with us at the end of our road?

For the longest time, I believed that my joy lay in holding my daughter for the first time and being a mother. Something I desired with all my heart. And yet, when that moment arrived, nothing inside of me changed.  So it is not in material things and it is not in others. So where is my JOY?  Where is my PEACE? Have you found it yet?