The flower doesn’t care if the flower next to it is prettier.

When a flower is growing, its primary thought is to just be itself. It doesn’t sit there worrying that maybe it shouldn’t blossom because it can never be as beautiful as the flower next to it in the garden. Or its scent won’t be as amazing as the flowers on the other side of the garden. It doesn’t care if it is the tallest flower there or the shortest. It just grows.

And if you pay attention, each flower has a reason to be there. Yes, it’s true. Some have a magnificent presence, such as the rose and the tulip. Others have an incredible smell, like lavenders and jasmine. Yet others just grow to be a part of this wonderful symphony that is life. And all life rejoices when flowers open up to say hello. Bees celebrate gathering their pollen. Spiders are busy spinning their webs everywhere because they know that so many insects will want to come and visit these beautiful plants. What a feast!

Snails and worms all busy at work. Birds sing and bless the new day with their songs, giving thanks for all the food the garden has to offer. There is abundance everywhere. We just need to stop and look. And the most glorious thing happens when there is a group of the same flower blossoming at the same time. It magnifies the beauty of the plant.

So find like-minded souls and expand together. Let your beauty shine. Today, be like the flower. Blossom because you can. Just for the sheer pleasure of being a part of this wondrous thing called LIFE. When we stop comparing ourselves to others and accept that this is who we are, only then can our true beauty shine through.