Is God speaking to me all the time?

Not a day goes by that God doesn’t speak to me now. I feel Him in the things I see and the things I hear. Only recently I was listening to this beautiful song by Guy Sebastian : Standing with You. This is the first time I have heard a song and FELT that God was singing it directly to me. When I feel that He is not with me, all I have to do is listen to this song and it makes me cry.

I have spent so many years angry with you God. Angry, because we were taught in church that YOU are all the way up there. Out of reach. Unattainable. Separate from us. So many lies. And I knew, even way back then at the age of 8, that this could not be true. All the things they taught me about you God, so little was true. The only thing that was true, was that you exist.

But all the while, you have been waiting patiently for me. Waiting for me to wake up. To realize that you have been here with me all along. Never once leaving my side. Always in my heart. Expressing your love in every sunrise and every sunset. Ever constant. I am sorry it has taken so long to understand. To listen, not with these ears but with my heart. To see, not with these eyes but with this heart. For that is where you reside.

There will be no judgment because you are LOVE. And just as I love my daughter without condition, so too you love me. Without me having to BE anything but what I AM. As you are in me, you are in all things which makes all things sacred. It all makes sense now. How did we become so removed from the truth? He is talking to you right now. Can you hear Him? He is standing with YOU