So, yet another year has begun. Have you made your New Year’s Eve Resolutions?

This is the first year I have finished off the year feeling grateful that we are all still alive. A year of bush fires and floods. Not to mention the infamous CoVid-19 that has claimed so many lives. And here we are, still breathing. What does it mean to be alive?

Yes, we wake up in the morning and we get dressed. Have our breakfast and brush our teeth. Some of us shower first thing in the morning. In the past, there have been so many moments where I wake up thinking that all I am doing is just not dying. But that I am not truly living. And that is absolutely true. To be living and alive means to be awake to who you are.

To understand this fully, just take a moment. Do you just go through the motions every day? Does it feel like you’re on auto-pilot and that most of it is meaningless? If that is what you think, then you are correct. You see, it is YOU who gives it meaning. If you believe that it’s important then it is. But if you think it has no value then that is what it is.

So today, start paying attention to what you think is important. Is it the people around you that make your life special? Is it your home and surroundings? Are your pets the reason you feel you are living?

What if everything you have today, was taken away?

What does life mean to you, now? You are the same person. With the house or without the house. With the car or without the car. Inside, nothing has changed. Only you can change what is inside because only you decide what matters. What is real and what isn’t. It all comes from how you are looking at the world.