Why has God copped such a bad rap?

Poor God has copped such a bad rap! As I am sitting here happily typing away, my husband walks past yesterday and says; “Why use the word God?” Why not call it awakening or spirit or energy or what it truly is.

But God is God, no matter what name you wish to give it. So many of us can’t use the word because over the years it has been used to cause so much pain to so many people. In the name of God, so many awful deeds have taken place and are part of our history.

For so many years, I was so angry with God. I was angry that he was this judgemental old man with a long, flowing beard deciding who gets to go to heaven and who goes to hell. What stick would he use to measure us by? It felt like, no matter what I did, it was never going to be good enough to earn me a seat at His side.

I realize that I have healed my relationship with this word when I no longer have any negative feelings tied to it. When I can say the word God, and the only feeling that comes up is LOVE. The moment you feel love, then you can accept, you can surrender, you can start to understand the true meaning of the word GOD.

Think About it!

Every time you think of the word GOD and you are still feeling anger or sadness, it is because you still believe that you are a separate being. And this is so far from the truth. When you think that you are separate, all these negative feelings arise, anger, sadness, fear.

Because to be separate means that you are not equal. That somehow God is above you and you are beneath Him. That somehow you need to win His approval to be accepted. In some way, you are not good enough just as you are now.

What if today you look at it from a new angle? Did you know, that you are made of the same stuff as God? The same stuff as the stars and the universe.

How would you feel if you knew that you were good enough for God’s love? How would you feel if you don’t need to do anything to gain His approval because you are and always have been perfect in God’s eyes?

Now, what relationship would you have with God? Still mad?