There is so much you can learn about yourself when you push past the fear.

Fear has its place. Don’t get me wrong. It can protect you from getting eaten by that lion that is staring at you right now. But the fear I am talking about is the one that is in your mind. That doubt that tells you that you’re going to fail. The same dread that keeps holding you back from moving forward in your life.

Stop for one second here and think about all the times you were afraid of something and it never happened. Examples that come to mind might be, not passing that driver’s test, or failing an exam at school. Losing your job and thereby not being able to support your family. As a parent, you are constantly worrying that your kids are going to get hurt. But pain is part of life. It is part of the process.

Remember how terrified you were when you were learning how to ride your bike? It wobbled all over the place and you were scared of falling off. Eventually, you get your balance all sorted out and it becomes easy to do. Life is a bit like that. We may fall off a couple of times or even a dozen times or more, but we keep trying. Because knowing how to ride that bike overrides the fear of the pain you will feel if you come off.

That sense of achievement and just the thrill of riding itself is all worth it in the end. So it is with life. Yes, some parts are scary. Oh, who am I kidding? They are terrifying! But what we receive in the end makes the effort worthwhile and that’s why we do it.

So be brave. Take that first step today. Your future self will thank you for it tomorrow.