The Movie – Time of the Sixth Sun

So recently, I stumbled upon this website. I found an old friend that I hadn’t spoken to in many years. All of a sudden, I was caught watching this beautiful movie, that I found was opening up my heart just a little more. Time of the Sixth Sun touched my heart in a way I have not been touched before. Almost as if spirit was talking directly to me.

You know, it’s not about agreeing with everything you see and hear. It’s about allowing your heart to sink into the truth and let it just open up. Knowing when something “feels” right. Feeling the tears swelling up in your eyes and overflowing with love.

I had an experience with this wonderful movie and I feel it needs to be shared. Maybe, it was just my time for my heart to awaken. Perhaps, it was just the right time that I found my friend again and we are both walking the same path.

It was my heart that lead me here, because it has been yearning for so long to live in clarity. This heart has been longing for so long to live in peace. And so here we are. Not every moment is perfect, but I find that each day I am more present and more alive because of this presence.

Our work is not done. Maybe this post is what you need to start your journey. Perhaps your heart is looking for answers too. Why are we here? Who am I?

Is it your time? Are you ready to awaken? It is a choice we make every day. I hope this movie touches you and guides you to your truth, to your heart, to your clarity and peace within as it has me.