What if it’s all upside down?

Life is topsy turvy, it’s all upside down and inside out. What if everything you thought was right, is wrong? And what if everything you thought was wrong, is right? But more importantly, what if there is no right or wrong? Stop and think about this, because it may just change your perspective a little bit.

Think about it very carefully. How many things in your life did you believe with all your heart, only to find out later that it wasn’t true? I mean, I grew up believing that it’s your job to “fix” people. It’s your job to make them better. But what if they need to go through that process in order to come out the other side, restored.

How many times, have you believed something, only to find out that maybe that’s not the way? I mean, we keep looking for happiness out there. Out in the material world, and that’s not where you’ll find it. I have tried everything to find it there and although you can be happy for a few weeks, maybe a few months, it never lasts.

This kind of happiness is so shallow and so empty. It doesn’t fill your cup in any way. The few times I felt happiness that has lasted through the years have been from moments with others or myself BEING in a total moment of love and awareness.

Take a minute to look at your own life

Notice I said moments and not things. Stop for one moment and think of all the things that have filled your heart with joy. Just take some time out to reflect on this. Be honest with yourself.

For example, I know so many people with beautiful houses. Even brand new. However, they are always finding fault with it. They are always looking to “fix” something in it. It’s never perfect enough for them. There is always something wrong with it.

You know why? Because what they are trying to fix is not in the house, it’s in their heart.